Sunday, 3 April 2016


Good morning lovely people, this is my worktop today, or it was when we left it on Monday morning, and no one else has been in the house since, so it should still be as clean and sterile. (Don't worry about me telling the world that we are not there, see that blue car on the opposite side of the road, if the owner saw anyone approaching our house he would have the police out very quickly, very very quickly, he has done in the past, nothing gets past him)
But we are away camping in Scotland, enjoying ourselves, currently in the Aboyne area.
However, last week I showed you the fun I had with  a play day with Margaret and showed you some of the stuff and said that some of it I probably wouldn't use. and this was one of them.

Neet suggested that I keep them and cut into them, so I thought, 'Well that card for my daughter needed a leaf on it and maybe that brown/green one would provide the right colour leaf.' So I cut into it, and there they were, three brilliant leaves and the two brown ones worked perfectly on my daughter's card.
And so they do.
Now I have a big problem, I daren't throw away anything now, and my cupboards are going to be overwhelmed with all those scraps that really will work as something.

So I have shared my stuff with you, courtesy of that lovely lady, Mrs Julia Dunnit so if you pop over to her Stamping Ground you too can share your crafty bits.
Thank you for visiting my page,I'm not sure whether I will be able to respond to your kind comments while we are away, my internet is a bit limited, but I will read them all and try to get back to you when we return home.
Bless you all


Lynn Holland said...

Hope you are having a great time in bonnie Scotland. The leaves worked beautifully didn't they. I have a bucket of bits that I dip into, it's very handy
Have a good week
Lynn 7

Inside the artists shed said...

Hope it's not too wet up there - bit damp in the Midlands. That paper worked very well on your leaves - yes and now you never throw anything at all away which gets worse when I store the paper I clean my brushes on. have a great week x Jackie #17

Kathyk said...

Your work space looks like it might just behaving fun without you then!



Julia Dunnit said...

Well I hope Scotland is being good to you and you're getting a real break - you could do with it! Your worktop looks lovely, but lonely! Clever Neet huh..these gals make backgrounds by the dozen and then keep them for when such random things are needed to be cut or punched. It's worked out really well for you, so I suspect that yes, your cupboards will be bursting!

shazsilverwolf said...

Hope you are having a great holiday. See, you must never, ever throw anything away, lol. Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #9 xx

Anne said...

Hope holiday going well! Could do with the man in the blue car to keep an eye on our place whenever we go away - I always worry about it. love the leaves. Anne x #38

ToadilyDiane said...

Awesome card. Enjoy your camping!
Have a great day.
Diane - WOYWW #30

Sharon said...

Lovely card and good idea to use those papers! They look fabulous. LOL at your neighbour - sometimes it's good to have some like that.

Hope you enjoy your camping!
Sharon k #42

buterfliecrafter said...

great use of your prints. And what a lovely card. Enjoy your camping trip, Vicky #12

Tracey said...

Great photos :o) Hope you're having a lovely time away.

BJ said...

Looks a bit like my desk - LOL Happy WOYWW BJ#51

Helen said...

hope you're having a lovely time in Scotland and the weather is being reasonably good to you..... what a clean neat space you left to come home to! Helen #1

lilian said...

what a lovely work desk.

LOVE the card,

Lilian # 65