Thursday, 27 June 2013


Well having just managed to find some time to do a bit more visiting on WOYWW, I discover the wonderful Mrs Dunnit has managed to confuse me. She posted WOYWW 213 yesterday so I followed her example and have now discovered that last week she posted 211. So next Wednesday I shall post another 213.
I'm hoping when I have finished this to have a bit of time to be adventurous about design so I hope it won't all disappear and I have to have a retype it all.
Today I had to make a card for a new baby girl and I had thought about design and materials while I was in the shower, prepared some bits and took them all off to craft club to create my planned design. Well an hour later I had quite a nice card but it was absolutely nothing like I had planned.Do other people do this? What happened to the butterflies and bow I had planned and the peachy colour is definitely not what I had intended, although the picture doesn't do the delicate salmon colour justice.
Never mind it will have to be posted tomorrow so I can't do anything different now..


Unknown said...

Lovely card. Don't worry I am confused most days!
Karen #77

Mrs.D said...

Thanks Karen,
Now I discover I don't have the address to send it to so must persue baby's grandma to find the address, but at present I think she is there on grandma duty looking after the older child so not at home to asnwer her phone to tell me the address.
I'm sure that has confused you even more.
We aim to please!!!


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah so true Chris often jump in with vague idea and in the making it all changes.. rather think it is like life Chris and Isaiah's verse where the word of God say:
" My thoughts are not your thoughts and my ways are not your ways, as the heaven is higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways"..

.. so take it from the LORD if it turns out great, if not what you imagined :D oh and popped over to to let you know know I posted your card on my blog yesterday love Shaz.x

PS praying for you as know you are away with Mr D. this week at friends, so pray he is recovering well, and so are you! hugs.xx

Mrs.D said...

Thanks Shaz.
We are enjoying ourselves at my sister's in Hereford, getting spoiled. Meanwhile Margaret is keeping an eye on the house again. She is wonderful. Going to get her a very special birthday present later this year, not sure what but it will be special.