Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Good morning all. Well we are home safe and sound after a 6 hour journey in the motorhome and we are trying to get back to normal. 
First of all a big thank, again, to all those who prayed, or wished us well, sent cards and generally held us in their hearts or the Lord's heart over the last three weeks. We have been overwhelmed with the love we have been showered with. It meant a lot to us that there is so much love out there, often from people we have never met and never will.
So what does 'back to normal' mean? Four loads of washing yesterday and another to go on the line in a minute and 'slowly allowing the patient to recover his strength'!!! The patient has taken himself off to the doctor this morning, there and back on the bus and probably taking to half a dozen people on the way. The patient's carer, me, has a sore throat, is still short on sleep and has 2 baskets of ironing to do and still lots of stuff to put away, and the motorhome to vacuum and clean.
As you can see, my worktop has acquired all the small amount of craft stuff I took with me, plus the bits I bought while away and some stamps and die cutters that came in the post while we were away, but no creations in sight and not likely to be until everything else that needs doing has been done..
However from our lovely campsite on the banks of the Great Ouse
I did take a picture of the Lord's continuing creation. When we arrived on June 8th she was sitting on the nest and on 20th she hatched these gorgeous little balls of fluff. I can't even attempt to make anything that wonderful.
Well the sun is shining so the next load better be put on the line and this needs to be published.
God bless you all.


glitterandglue said...

Good morning, Chris. Glad to see you back on WOYWW from your home. Thanks for the play while we stayed there - now all I have to do is find the time to make everything from all the embossing I did!! Got ideas, but no time at the present. The swans and their cygnets are lovely. Ugly ducklings??? Rubbish!!
Have a great week. We'll catch up properly when back from the Midlands. Gives you time to recover.
Margaret #61

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

wow Chris this is one awesome shot ... the beauty of God's creation shines forth... have just put a link over from my post to it I love it so much and think might save it and put a Bible verse on t for my Bible verse thoughts on sidebar will email it to you if remember to do it..
ah so much to do, and so very tired how hard it is .. the body is willing but the flesh is weak, I pray for you in it all, dear friend, every blessing, Shaz in Oz.x #16

Winnie said...

Glad you are home safe and sound and that their is rest for the patient. Isn't funny how much laundry can pile up? Your picture of the swan and her babes is just precious. Have a good week ahead! Winnie#86 (ps I am also a Mrs. D!)

Candace said...

The photo pf the swan and her babies is beautiful. NAture sure is fantastic

Mrs.D said...

Shaz,I have emailed the originals to you, let me know if they don't arrive and I will try again.

Caro said...

So glad that the patient is recovering...hopefully now you will have some time to recover as well. I love the photo of God's creation... so wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Take care and God Bless. Caro x (#132)

ria gall said...

Hi Chris
gosh it is good to hear that things are improving but please do take care of yourself. People do not think they need any help or caring for when they are busy taking care of the patient but once things start to improve the carer starts to go down hill. Please take things slowly and take care of you.
Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog I am so looking forward to working along side Sheena my back should be ok it is just bad at the moment because of the treatment on it.

john-w said...

Good evening Chris! A certain lady of mine seemed to be having such fun with her own website and linking up to stamping ground, that I thought it was time I had a site of my own - so try going to Really pleased that you are both home safe and sound, even if the man still doesn't know how to relax! B A Baracas & the A-Team come to mind! Anyway, love the signets. Have a good week, love and blessings, John W aka Pyro-jack #105

Lucy said...

Sorry to hear you guys are unwell. Hope you got to enjoy some of your holiday? Thank you for sharing the beautiful picture of the cygnets, I love swans! Have a better week - Lucy #37 x

The Taming of the Glue said...

So glad that you're both home safe and well. Men never listen to advice about taking it easy! Don't you forget to have a rest as well. All of this will have left you exhausted so don't rush at the jobs that need doing....they'll still be there tomorrow and the world will still keep on turning if you don't do everything in a day! Hugs and happy late WOYWW. Pam#28
PS. Cute swan and cygnets!

Marit said...

Don't forget to breath dear... hope things will get better so you can slow down/relax a bit. Tell your beloved to take it easy too (oh, those MEN... they just cannot sit still is it?!) Happy ~ belated ~ woyww and a hug from Holland. Marit #91

Mrs.D said...

Thanks Pam.Yes I am exhausted and I feel as though I shouldn't be. After all I didn't have major surgery, I just lay awake worrying about the man, about whether he would come through it all, about having to 'look after him' when we got home, and having to visit him twice a day with a ten mile journey each way to the hospital, in someone else car. So why am I so tired!!! You're right I am exhausted, and still not sleeping properly. But I did make a card today so get a bit of satisfaction out of that.

Mrs.D said...

Dank je vel Marit, ( hope I've spelled it right) Yes, sometimes just remembering to breath is important. The men never will sit still, unless they are asleep in front of a boring tv programme that they insist they want to watch so you can't watch what you want to. Does that make sense, I just fell asleep.
Thanks for the hug, hugs from Holland are good, my sister lives in Dordrecht.

Mrs.D said...

Thanks Lucy for your thoughts. We went down to the lovely campsite in St Neots so that I could be close to dearly B when he went into Papworth hospital for major surgery on his lungs. Everything went really well and he is well on the way to recovery and my sore throat has cleared up.
And Max, our poor cat, has stopped following my every footstep and is believing that we are back for good.

Darnell said...

Such happy news from you, Chris, that you and Mr. D. are home safe! You will likely crash now, so do take it easy. That "let down" is really common after a loved one has been worrying and doing all the heavy lifting. Once the worst is over, boom, the exhaustion and emotion of it all can drain a person. Do take good care of your throat and yourself and remember every dirty item doesn't have to be cleaned in one day, nor ironing done. Please pace yourself so you don't fall ill. All my best wishes go to Mr. D. for a smooth and complete recovery and to you, my dear, for stamina and rest and some good crafting "therapy!" God bless! Darnell #32

Neet said...

Oh the swans - how wonderful. What a glorious birth to witness.
So glad you are home safe and sound - just wish I could come and help with that ironing and cleaning out of the motorhome. Sounds as if you need a bit of TLC yourself. Probably the sore throat is a result of all the anxiety as well as doing everything but it is good news to hear that the patient has gone off himself to the doctors. I would have thought he would have been laid up a bit longer after that major surgery. Good for him and a testament to your care and the power of prayer.
Sorry I am so late - first I got hooked on cleaning (yes cleaning) and then I had to play catch up on my blog replies so I did the numbered ones first but hey ho, here I am and the wish is still the same - Thanks for visiting me, Happy WOYWW and have a good week. Hugs, neet 13 xx

Mrs.D said...

Thanks Darnell, for all the prayer support you have sent, via Margaret, over the past few weeks. Yes I really did expect that once we got home we could get back to normal and hadn't realised how exhausted I was.
Apart from emptying the motorhome, and washing towels and bedding I have not done any cleaning yet. I just seem to have been running Mr D down to the doctor and chasing pharmacy stuff and the days go by and I still haven't put away the crafting stuff I took with me, so apart from the new baby card I can't get any therapy from crafting.
Maybe after the weekend.

Mrs.D said...

Thanks Neet, Yes the swans were so beautiful and the parents so protective and loving to them.
He took himself to the doctor on Wednesday and has been suffering since so I've been taking him down there etc. Yes I could definitely do with a bit of TLC. Assuming the bit of wound infection has cleared up we are going to my sister on 6/7th July for a few days so will get some lovely care there.
Thanks for the hugs and the prayers.

Unknown said...

Love your swan photo. I have never seen cygnets.
Hope you feel better soon. Don't do too much though.


Mrs.D said...

I'm trying very hard not to do too much but the real invalid is a human doing and is currently staking tomatoes in the green house, while I am trying not to fall asleep over my computer.