Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Well this is not going to be much of an entry because life seems to be so busy. Retirement is such hard work. When you struggling to get into work each day and you dream of retirement and having all the time in the world, but when you get there, you lack the structure of working schedules so you think 'I have plenty of time, I'll just enjoy sitting down with my breakfast and relax' and suddenly it is lunchtime and you have done nothing with your day at all. Throw hospital appointments into the mix, as you get older they get more frequent, and you have lost even more time.
So this week we have been all the way from North Wales to Sheffield for a hospital appointment for the man, effectively two whole days worth, we stayed with our daughter in Doncaster on Sunday night, so yesterday I was still finishing the 70th birthday card which has to be taken away with us tomorrow. It is actually finished and on my worktop with loads of junk and a couple of other cards I had to have done by today.
I am quite pleased with it, although there wasn't room for her children as well on the front, it would have become messy.
The card at the bottom is for my son in law and this is a better picture of it.

The five star Tech Support reference is because he spent nearly 5 hours on Sunday evening helping us sort out our new phones and tablets so that we could sync calendars and get apps and use them for the purposed which we had bought them.
He really is wonderful at Tech support, formerly a rocket scientist and now a vicar.
Must stop now, going to Netherlands for the 70th birthday party tomorrow and not got anywhere near finished packing.


Janene McAnally said...

Wow Mrs D..Your retirement is very busy work :-). Your son-in-law will love his card and I am so glad he was able to help you out techy wise! Have a great time at the 70th birthday party! Happy WOYWW.
Janene #47

Elizabeth said...

Hi Chris, as a fellow retiree I can only agree with what you say ... I honestly don't know how I ever found time to go out to work, I'm busier than ever before :) The card for your techie support is terrific. Thanks for sharing. Have a great WOYWW and an enjoyable week. Elizabeth x #53

Winnie said...

What a fun piece for the 70th bday, and a great card for your SIL. Love that you personalized it for his techie self. My brother is my "tech" man, and we skype as he is far away, but he always gets me and my devices working! Safe trip to the Netherlands! Have a blast!Winnie#73

Angie said...

Have to agree with you about time slipping by when retired ...hadn't thought about the lack of structure being the problem but you are absolutely right. On a day that I get up early with no aches in my knees,back or hip ....with a plan in mind ...I find the day is so long and I seem to get so much done.
Have a great time at the party. xx58

Shaz Brooks said...

You do indeed seem to be here, there & everywhere!Hope you enjoy the Netherlands, the cards are great, by the way. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #114

Ria Gall said...

I love your cards they are really lovely,
Happy WOYWW #203 and thank you for sharing your desk with us today
Ria #60

Karen said...

Love the cards and the photos! So nice to see a family group all together! Anything always take a long time, and with hospitals it takes even longer. Happy WOYWW! Karen 129 x

Karen Ives said...

They say you have no time when you retire.
Karen #64

Mrs.D said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. As ever I am rushing arouns trying to pack the caravan and then making sure the house is OK for those who are going to be in it while we are away. Nearly there, just a few more things to go in, and a few more as I remember what I have forgotten, then get the tidying up done!!!
Haven't had much time to look at anybody else's WOYWW. If I am all done before time to leave I might get a chance.

Maggie's Crafts said...

Lovely crafty space. Would love to have my desk near a window.
I know what you mean by 'I have plenty of time, I'll do it later'. I'm at home at the moment and it's very difficult to get up and do something.

Happy crafting!



glitterandglue said...

Wow, Chris - you sisters really are incredibly alike! Love the card - trust you are having agreat time in Holland. See you when you get back