Sunday, 12 May 2013

Home again

Well it's been a while since I blogged, life seems to get in the way. We had a super time with my sister in Netherlands for her 70th birthday and have returned to life that moved on while we were away, so we have to catch up. 
If I can beat Google+ into submission I will put a couple of photos on here, otherwise I will just curse the techies who constantly change things just when I think I have cracked them.

Max found a sunny place whilst we were unloading the van after our holiday. He didn't want to let us out of his sight again, and we had several disturbed nights as he kept coming up and schecking that we were still there and hadn't managed to slip away when he wasn't looking..

And this is one of the ships we  saw while in the Netherlands. It just seemed to go on for ever. Part of the Rhine delta reaches the sea in Rotterdam, a few miles west of Dordrecht where this picture was taken, so much of the Rhine shipping passes this point. This was going upstream so could be going anywhere between Dordrecht and Switzerland. Something I learn while we were there is that the Rhine has lost its name way before this picture and here is now the Oude Maas. Other branches become the Ijssel, Niuewe Maas, the Lek, the Noord, Het Scheur and Hollansche Diep to name but a few. Good pub quiz question, where does the Rhine flow into the sea? The answers of course is that it doesn't.
Well I'm stopping now, might get some cards made and start thinking about ATC's. Never made any so if I want to take part in the swap for WOYWW I'd better find out.

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