Friday, 17 May 2013

Well, what a frustrating day.
We started off OK. The man wanted to do some concreting around the greenhouse in an attempt to prevent the weeds growing up between the greenhouse and the fence. Yesterday we spent several hours removing all the glass from one side so that we could pull out all the ivy and brambles that were stopping the light from getting it. It has been an annual event since we got the greehouse, however in the process about half the strawberry plants were mangled and I don't know if they will recover so we wanted to reduce the weed recurrence if we possibley could. So by 9.30 I had shovelled about half a ton of sand and ballast in and out of the wheel barrow and the a corresponding amount came out of the mixer and had to be carried into the greehouse, while he did the laying.
So then he went out and I started on my cards. I had one particular one to do for a friend who was flooded out of her house in November and is moving back in tomorrow. Apart from the trawling through large amounts of stash to find the right colours, (how many shades of pinky mauve can there be?) that went fairly well.

Then I moved onto the card for my Son in law. Well, does anyone remember the Britannia dies I raved over on Wednesday? Nightmare! How do you attach them? I ended up looking and feeling like a three year old after a first attempts at 'sticking' in playschool. I had glue on both sides of the die cuts, glue on my glass mat, glue all over me and everything in reach. I had tried to use spray glue but intead of a spray it came out in a jet and covered everything. Decided to finsh a card I had started a few days earlier, on th right on my WOYWW and finished that without any problems.
I then had another go at his card, still without success, so decided to take pictures of the two I had finished. First attempt was awful, light all wrong, deleted those, second ones looked great on the camera so I connected it up to the computer which showed me the first lot I had taken, couldn't access the second lot at all. Deleted the first ones again, went back for the third time, took one picture and the batteries are flat in the camera!!!
Will have to work on Sil's card tomorrow, now I have to go and serve lasagne to a horde of kids at church.

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