Friday, 19 July 2013

Breakfast in the garden

Well isn't this weather wonderful, how many others have been having breakfast in the garden? Some of you many have seen my WOYWW post where I showed my sister's garden and said that I was going to have breakfast in the sunshine, well I am back home again, but still had breakfast in the sunshine and shade, but my garden isn't a patch on hers, however it was very nice sitting out there, with just a cat for company.
Then I spent half an hour, before it got too hot, picking fruit.
There is still at least three times as many gooseberries and twice the number of red currants but like all these things they are low down and I got sick of crawling on my hands and knees with the hot sun on my back and a cat trying to persuade me to cuddle him and leave the silly fruit alone.
Tomorrow I must clear my worktop and think about making some cards, several birthdays coming up, but later this evening we are going to annoy Curry's and ask them if, the new printer hubby wants to buy, will take 250 gm card. Sure they won't know, but it is annoying when you buy 250 or even 300 gm card, and it says 'Inkjet' on it but the printer won't take it.
I would like to print pink Petticoat designs onto card and make a double sided one but 160 card is a bit flimsy for a card. Type of thing can be seen on my post WOYWW 213 again, the blue wedding anniversary card was be printed both sides on 160 card and is not very substantial.

Well I must post this and think about supper.

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tuesday afternoon said...

Love the fruit, nature's own 'artwork'. Your garden looks like a special place to be. Happy belated WOYWW