Monday, 29 July 2013


Today has been a bad day!
It started off fine, I spent an hour or so playing with Pan Pastels with my daughter, these were the bits that worked. The doily is actually a sheet of greaseproof paper that I used in a die cutter to be an inner layer to ensure that my main paper came out easily. I tried to use it as a mask but that wasn't very successful, but it was clear that the Pp had coloured the greaseproof so I added a bit more and coloured it completely and will use it for something.
While we were playing, son in law was walking the dog, grandsons were watching video, and hubby was taking the motorhome to the garage to have some work done on the suspension.

About midday the garage rang to say they were having problems and the job would take longer than they expected, so could only do one side today and other side on Wednesday, but vehicle would have to be collected this evening because it would not go in the garage overnight.
Stress levels start rising!
Daughter and family left after lunch  to go to my sister, near Manchester, on their way home to Doncaster and encounter further problems there adding to the stress levels!
So just before 5 pm we went down the garage and immediately noticed that what they had done clearly had not made any difference to the fact that the back of the van was still lower than the front. The parts alone were £350 and a whole days labour so far, would push it up to £500 and no real difference!!!
While we were discussing the problem with one of the mechanics, hubby notice damage on the side of the van and thought it was just dirt, Closer examination revealed that in getting it out of the drive that morning he had put a 4 foot long gouge, 2" wide, in the side. Probably going to cost another £300+ to repair so we are not going to have much change out of £1,000 and nothing has been improved so far.
Very bad day!!!
Never mind, the Lord is still good and the sun shone and I sat in the garden for an hour with the cat on my lap. He is pleased that family have now gone and taken their monster, guide dog puppy, with them and he can have his home back.
Tomorrow I can see if I can make something with the bits I have made.

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