Sunday, 17 February 2013

Well no crafting for me today, after church we finished the kitchen, all but putting my recipe books back on the shelves. I've been told I can only have two shelves for cookery books, that means getting rid of half a shelf of books, very painful exercise but I am wading through the 36 or more magazines that were on the shelf so will be able to get rid of those and put any recipes I really want on the computer.
Must say the kitchen does look much better now, although the pictures don't really do it justice.

Kitchen before spring clean

After spring clean

Whilst looking for the pictures of the kitchen I found this picture of a card I made a few weeks ago and was so pleased with it that I thought I would share it.                                                                                                                              

Card with vellum flowers


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

dear Chris great to learn things and to make new friends Sandra who popped over is lovely crafter and her blog is full of inspiration... blessings of the LORD to you this day..

I love vellum dont you and think it is under used! but you have done it beautifully here - simple but stunning! love Shaz in oz.x

Mrs.D said...

Thanks Shaz. I love vellum, but don't have the patience to do pergamano, so the vellum get pushed around and around and I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it. Then I saw that someone else had used vellum to make flowers and I thought 'I can do that' and very pleased with the result.

Mrs.D said...

I clearly wrrote that previous comment in a hurry. My spelling is awful.

Robyn said...

Your card is beautiful! And, I LOVE your blue kitchen. It just 'feels comfy'!!
Thanks Shaz for being the middle man!


MaryH said...

Loved your card AND your neat kitchen. Looking for a place to join as a follower but don't see one. Hugs

Mrs.D said...

Kitchen is'nt ususally that tidy, we just hadn't put everything back at that point.
Not sure how to arrange for followers. Will have a look.