Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Oh dear! Why did I not get a single tidiness gene? I never seem able to keep my worktop tidy, but by Sunday afternoon I was struggling to create anything as it was such chaos. So I decided that I just had to something about the mess.

Actually this was about half way through the clearing up because I was so embarrassed by the mess at the beginning that I didn't dare take a pic of it. That was the second bin full of junk I put in the recycling.So by Monday morning this was the scene.Unbelievable.

The bits on the windowsill are bits of work in progress and odd scraps of glitter or mirri to die cut flowers out of.
So Monday afternoon I made a birthday card
for my brother in law and then started back to make more Christmas cards and by Tuesday evening.....
Guess what? It is just as bad as it was before.
Why do I bother?
And it is going to stay like that for several days because I have not got any card making or tidying up time until after the weekend. I might just fit in a bit of WOYWW visiting later, if I get other things done quickly.

For those who are wondering what WOYWW is about, pop over to Julia's, and you will encounter a wonderful 'ether'eal  community of crafters.
And it really is a wonderful community, I am  thrilled to have just received an email from another 'WOYWW'er saying I have won a wonderful giveaway from her blog. I am absolutely delighted and will show what it is when I have it proudly displayed on my worktop.
And finally, thank you to all those who commented on the Christmas pudding last week, I put up a full entry about the making of it here.
(I do hope that link works.)
Oh dear this post has got rather long, I never seem to manage a short one!!!
Blessing to you all, have a wonderful day


glitterandglue said...

Golly Chris - you were either up VERY early this morning... or VERY late last night! I do know what you mean, though, the mess jut seems to happen, doesn't it? Have a great week. Must get round to catching up sometime...
Margaret #42

Neil said...

Hi there. Just popping my head round the door to say hi.
Thanks for the peek into your creative world today. Things never stay tidy for long do they?
Hope you have a good week too.

The Taming of the Glue said...

The card looks fab! I never manage to keep my desk tidy either, just remember that an untidy workspace is very creative! Hugs. Pam#32

Shaz Brooks said...

Love how your desk went from super clear to covered in 'stuff' lol. Happens to me all the time. Lovely card came out of it though. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #21 xx

Annie said...

I want no excuses for your messy've been having fun and life should be full of times like that :-)
A x # 47

Lacey Lynne said...

A messy desk is the best kind!
The Craft Donkey

Caro said...

That is so what happens to my desk! I tidy it and then within a short space of time it is a tip again...mind you, my desk is small so that is my excuse! Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#72)

Hammers said...

Ha ha brilliant..I am forever doing an emergency tidy of my desk so that I can continue working...I also have a little stack of 'things that I am currently using' funny how that stack seems to grow and grow! Cx #29

JoZart said...

We love messes, they are more interesting than tidy spaces! Love your long stretch of work surface.
The little tri-pot ( as christened by the chat and craft group I teach) are so easy to make and I've given basic info in my blog but if you need any more help just let me know.
Glad you like them.
Jo x

Twiglet said...

And a very nice work space it is - tidy or untidy - never a worry to me!!! Do you want the pattern for the shrug? I think I found it on ravelry. x Jo