Wednesday, 2 April 2014


My home work top has lots of Ufos on it,  but that's alright because I'm not there to see them. Left them all there on Saturday. While I was tidying up before we came away, I unearthed all these part finished cards that I am struggling for inspiration about finishing. So I thought I'd post them here and see if anyone else has any ideas to suggest, apart from putting them in the bin.
 Actually it is not a very good picture, but as we are now on our boat,  I cannot take a better one.
If you want to see better worktops go to the lovely Julia and see desks aplenty there.

Sorry peeps,  just managed to get Internet access and discovered that blogger has lost the picture that should be here. No idea where it has gone either. Should be a nice sunny picture of the Llangollen canal, taken on Tuesday afternoon.

Meantime this is where we were yesterday, not doing much crafting but opening lots of lift bridges in the lower Llangollen canal.
Unfortunately the canal is closed above Whitchurch, because they are working on a collapsing bank until Friday. Rather a a shame because I wanted to go to the craft shop in Llangollen.

Have to go now,, I have to work the six Grindley Brook locks?
Happy Woyww
blessings to you all


glitterandglue said...

Morning Chris. I imagine you are now THROUGH the Grindley Brook, it being nearly 9.30!! I see the master-of-getting-going-on-the-canal has you at it already! Morning A!!!
Don't you dare throw those lovely pieces away - do I spy the poppy we worked on that play day? The pieces you have produced are so lovely - you'll find the way to finish them. Have a great day - maybe, if you can't get into Llangollen we will just HAVE to pop down there soon...? It's only an hour from here, so much less from yours...
Enjoy the rest of your week. Max behaving himself? Not in the canal yet?

Unknown said...

I am not a card maker but I love the blue tone with the swirls and the card with the red flowers. From my experience, put them aside until and idea pops up. Eventually something will. They are too pretty to toss!

BJ said...

Love the poppy card and hope you are having fun away. BJ#76

Chrysalis said...

Hi Chris - how I envy you on your boat - enjoy! And when you get home, take a fresh look at those cards and I'm sure you will remember where to put your hands on just the thing(s) to finish them off. Great work! xx

MommaRock said...

I wanna be on the boat too!!! LOL
Hi happy woyww to you! Thanks for sharing!
Kimmer #109 last, but not least, yet again... I think this is a record! LOL

AliWade said...

Happy Belated WOYWW. Some great designs on your desk. I used to go on a friend's canal boat and I must admit it did not suit me. Too slow! I love canals though and enjoy walking along them. When I lived in Birmingham I cycled to work on the towpaths. Ali x. #61

Julia Dunnit said...

Six you timed your go badly!! Hope you've had a super time gently cruising the canals, a lovely way to get away if you ask me. I think the only card that looks unfinished to me is the red one with the big bloom on it...perhaps a decouppaged couple more layers of bloom or a banner style greeting across it? It's difficult isn't it!