Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Well I came away with all intentions of blogging most days about our boating, but failed to bring a charger for my tablet or the camera batteries, so until I could find a suitable place to buy the necessary electrical gubbins, I couldn't take any pictures or use the tablet for writing this.
For anyone who has dropped in here wondering what WOYWW is all about, pop over to  Julia's where you can snoop on over a hundred different worktops.
Well if you remember last week I was trying to decide what I was going to bring in the way of craft materials for five weeks on our narrowboat, this is the final load.
There is a Big Shot in there, some dies, some stamps and inks, a rotary cutter, a scoring board, cards papers, ribbons and tools.
And the table it is on is my work top for five weeks, not very large and can get very cluttered, as can be seen in next picture.
So that actually was my worktop on Saturday.

For those from distant shores who commented about the narrowboat last week, here is an inside picture of ours to show you how compact it is and how easily it can get untidy. I have a continual battle trying to keep things under control.
Only 6'5" wide and although our boat is 50' long, the living space is only about 35' long.
Well as my worktop has the dinner things on it at present, there is no point in taking a picture of that, so for those who who have no idea about English canals I will leave you with a picture of where we were yesterday morning.
I hope I can post some more pictures of our progress during the week, and next Wednesday I will show you the dozens!!! of Christmas cards I have created.



Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hi there! Hope you enjoying your lovey boat and the canal trip!!

Thank you for making some cards, I really appreciate it! I couldn't find an email on your blog so here's mine:
If you drop me an email, then I'll send you my address that way, if that's ok?!

Have fun!
LLJ 54 xx

Evelyn said...

Haha, love that kitty - mine likes to jumd on my workdesk, too! Happy WOYWW from # 65!

john-w said...

Just a quicky before visiting a certain persons home to check that all's ok. Glad you are having a good time aboard and trust the Severn proves uneventful. Have a good WOYWW, John-W #58.

Karen said...

Love the cat on the table, sharing your workspace! Don't they always! Lovely to be floating down the canals watching the world go by. Happy WOYWW! ♥ Karen ♥ 81 x

glitterandglue said...

I see Max is in his usual position - ie. right where you need to be! Have a great time, now you have all the electrical gubbins you need. We look forward to seeing your trip on the Severn. I'm sure all will be well - you intrepid explorers! Love to you both. Have a great time. Looking forward to seeing ALL your Christmas cards done in the next four weeks - then you can start on mine, if you like. See you soon.
No post this week, as I only got home last night, but dad's house is now done!

ike said...

Wonderful - those pics certainly bought back happy memories and so glad to see you take your kitty too :-) My cat loved it.:-D
Have a fabulous time x


Ike in Greece #91 xx

Tera Callihan said...

Happy WOYWW! loving your Kitty Helper! (makes me miss mine!)
-tera #3

Julia Dunnit said...
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Julia Dunnit said...

Aha -I'm at the PC so can communicate with you - even the weeks I can't comment, please know that I do visit! Your boat trip is filled with sunshine and I love that Kitty comes too. I think in the end that you managed to get quite a lot of craft kit on board...I wonder what your DH countered with! Hope you won't mind me saying that I've struggled to read the text on your blog - the brown is lovely but it seems very light. Loving the whole autumn vibe. Enjoy your wanderings up and down've miles to go!

Anne said...

Looks wonderful. Have a great time. Anne x #69

Princess Judy Palmer said...

It might be small, but it looks cozy and inviting. I love that your puss was helping your craft over the weekend. They are so helpful. I'm impressed with all you got into that basket in the first photo. You must be an expert packer!

ddazzled71 said...

Yes I agree with Judy, it definitely looks cozy and appears to have all the comforts of home too. I really appreciate you sharing more about the narrow boats too for us who have no idea. Great pics of inside and the canals and I can't wait to see more. TFS and I hope you have another fabulous week on the water. Danie #48

Eliza said...

I can see the manadatory puddy cat is there on the table, he is so beautiful. It looks like you have all the goodies to make amazing cards, but forgetting the essential power bits, that would of been horrible. Cant wait to see the chrissy cards you have created. Happy sailing along those canals.

Happy Belated WOYWW
Eliza & Yoda 86