Wednesday, 25 September 2013


So what is on my worktop this Tuesday evening as I prepare for WOYWW.
What you see are the only two cards I managed to complete this week. You also see two of the reasons why I have been unable to get much done. On the right, the blue Dahle cutter packed up on me after I had cut the glitter card for the tree card and OH has had it apart 4 times over the past week and couldn't make it work. Eventually he got it working yesterday evening but I have been too busy today with locks, baking cakes for a friend and sorting out all my craft stuff.
On the left, the red Fingerguard cutter is a brilliant piece of kit. It takes cutter discs and can cut all kinds of wavy edges. It relies on a replaceable self heal cutting mat strip to make it cut properly. Guess where my three replacement strips are? At home in the cupboard, so I had so couldn't use  the Fingerguard either. Making cards without a reliable cutter is very slow!
We have tried to find a craft shop selling them and have come to conclusion that Worcestershire, Staffordshire and Birmingham are completely devoid of craft shops. Searching on the internet gives me lots of names of  craft shops and when we try to contact them, to see if they stock Woodware, rather than making a long trek to find them and being disappointed, we discover that they no longer exist. Please can I ask other WOYWW'ers to support their local shops when ever possible rather than resorting to buying on the internet all the time, otherwise they will all disappear and there will no shops for those without internet access or a permanent address for delivery..
There are other demands on my time on the canal too, ten minutes picking yielded two bowls of these
which needed de-stoning and freezing and we also have a carrier bagful of apples to deal with and lots of blackberries as well. And they are all free so I can't possibly leave them unpicked.
I have also knitted another 10 Innocent hats for the big knit, so am not idling!! my time away.

Well that is all for today
Happy WOYWW everyone.


Julie Ann Lee said...

Hello there! Love those cards you completed. I live down south in Bromley, Kent and we are totally devoid of craft shops here too! I have to buy everything online and then wait and sometimes pay quite expensive PP! Ah well! Have a lovely WOYWW. Julie Ann xx #35

Mrs.D said...

Well didn't I do well this morning! !! Got posted early at 47, the went off to open some locks, when I came back to browse other folks desks, I realised that I had reposted last week's WOYWW. Could be something to do with the fact that just as I was getting my tablet turned on the cat discovered that he couldn't turn around on the gunwhales, walk way about 3 inches wide along either side of the boat, and so went swimming once again. Managed to get out and dived straight for our bed.

Anonymous said...

Lol to your swimming cat! Bet that was a shock to his system early in the morning! I agree about the trimmer, couldn't craft without it. I shop at my local store quite a bit, in fact, they've given me a 5% discount card now, so that tells you something, lol! Lovely to get free stuff, I have a bag of apples I'm working through from a friends tree, I think apple and blackberry crumble is next up on the apple menu. Hope the weather picked up for you?

Brenda 1

Caro said...

How frustrating to have things pack up like that. I completely agree with you that free produce should be gathered and stored/used appropriately...can't waste that wonderful bounty. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#68)

StampinCarol said...

I hate it when my tools break. Hope you get yours working soon! And great cards! Happy WOYWW!
Carol n #87

Lea.H said...

love the cards Lx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I supported the heck out of my local craft stores and yet they went away. I think part of the problem is that what started from a love of the craft become a burden. Anyway, that is what I heard from the owners of the 3 stores that are no more. I get it. I love this as a hobby but wouldn't want it to be a job. It wouldn't be fun anymore. I'm sorry about your cutters though. Indeed it is difficult to work without one. My Dahle paper cutter served well for a long long time but once it started acting up it got too unreliable and had to be retired. You've gotten out some gorgeous cards despite your difficulties. Good to hear you are keeping busy! We wouldn't want you to idle the hours away.

The Taming of the Glue said...

I agree about supporting local shops but I think that the local councils could do more to help. A good craft shop needs parking that is cheap (think of all those workshops!) and some help with business rates and rent. I'd love to open a craft shop (there isn't one in my area either) but it would be doomed to failure before it opened. Well, that's my little rant over with!!! Hugs. Pam#34

Julia Dunnit said... if!! Frustration over the cutters - I share it..another tool that you don't realise you rely on until you can't use it. Love the Christmas tree die, it's so pretty.

CraftygasheadZo said...

Fab cards! Thanks for popping by! Take care Zo xx 95