Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Late again. And not much of a post. that will please Julia who patrols this community of crafters and sends us to the naughty step if we write too much.
My worktop looks very much like it did last week and that is not busy but abandonned. I have not made a single card since last week. What I have been doing is preparing stuff for an interactive advent calender in the cathedral. We always do this at the same time as the Christmas shoping evening, try to put a little of Christ into the Christmas celebrations and it give people soemwhere warm and dry if the weather is not good outside. At the far end of the worktop you can see a pile of strips to make friendship bracelets and some crowns and other bits and pieces.

So I covered up the craft mat with a piece of card so that I could show you the wonderful prize I received from Twiglet last week, they are absolutely gorgeous. I haven't had time to do anymore than admire them at present, I keep getting a daily fix of lavender from that heart shaped beauty and the tissue bag is destined for my handbag, when I can bear to put it out of sight. I'll keep the pot in full view, probably with my crochet in it.
Piece of cardboard still in place, this is my giveaway. A couple of weeks ago I posted about making Christmas puddings and got several responses from folks across different bodies of water who said they had no idea what a Christmas pudding was, so I have a small one to giveaway to someone who needs to be educated about the joys of Christmas pud. I hope I won't be castigated for limiting this giveaway like this. I can see nothing on the Royal Mail site which suggests that I will have problems sending this to any country so I will choose a name by December 1st and get it in the post in time for Christmas.
Not such a short post after all, and I will do some snooping laterin the day or tomorrow.


Lunch Lady Jan said...

What a lovely idea to give a pud away! Be careful of international regulations regarding the posting of foodstuffs though...I don;t know if you could send it to Australia for example as they're very careful what they bring into the country. Perhaps you could ask some of the Aussie deskers?
The craft fair is this Thursday evening, I'm's only a small one in a local school. I'll see if there are any larger ones for you to have a peek at. Whereabouts in Wiltshire are you going? You're welcome to a cuppa if you have time or a meetup if you'd like. I know somewhere nice near Devizes :-)
Hugs, LLJ 41 xx

trisha too said...

Chris, I REALLY like advent calendars--take pics of the one you are working on for us, okay?

Happy WOYWW to you,
#75 this week
with a little book

sandysewin said...

How nice that you won Twig's pretty creations. :-)

I, too, have never been entirely certain what a Christmas pudding is. In the USA pudding is the creamy stuff that fills the insides of doughnuts & pastries. It's also eaten on it's own with a spoon. I'm guessing what you call 'pudding' we call 'cake.' Please educate us further! ;-)

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #9

Julia Dunnit said...

We'll mrs dad, how generous you are, and I'm delighted not to qualify for the give the name of others finding the joy of Christmas pud! great works at the cathedral gal..the world turns more smoothly thanks to people like you.

Eliza said...

What a generous person you are and look at those prizes you have from Twiglet, lucky you. You have a pretty good view from your windows there of the street, you can watch the world go by just like me. Thanks for popping in to say hi and leaving a comment.

Happy WOYWW & Happy Crafting
Eliza & Yoda 1

glitterandglue said...

Hi Chris - finally got round to doing some blog hopping. What a busy week. LOVE that ribbon on the front of your desk. All the best at the cathedral next week. See you Monday pm in Rhyl.
Margaret #20