Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Good morning lovely people, and welcome to my post for Julia's What's on Your Worktop Wednesday desk snoop. Do visit there when you have finished looking here.
So on my worktop, first thing this morning, are 10 bags I've made for Margaret, for the school children in Uganda. 
 I haven't done anything in the way of card making since last week's blitz, but the bag with purple trim became part of a sort of  mixed media project.
Having stitched the patterned ribbon across the front of the bag I then picked up the remaining length  and realised I had measured it wrongly and it was three inches too short for the strap. Panic, panic! Hunted everywhere for something to trim the strap, nothing vaguely the right colour. Tried  zigzag stitching along the strap but purple and mauve didn't show up at all. Then I had a brain wave, lots of white ribbon, lots of alcohol inks 

and lots of messy fingers, and I had the perfect purple coloured  ribbon for the strap.
This picture doesn't actually show the colour of my finger, they were much more purple than they look here. So was my nice white work top, even with the glass mat and the big cutting mat underneath, so I had to spend 1/2 hour with bleach getting the marks out of the painted surface. I am such a messy person.

Anyway, messy person is off to visit lots of other crafty desks,
Bless you for visiting and thank you, in advance, for all your comments, I will get back to anyone who leave a number.



jill said...

Whoops purple fingers , but the trim does look nice. . Happy woyww Jill #6

Helen said...

I often paint or colour white ribbon, so know where you're coming from.. the bag looks fab! Helen #1

sandra de said...

Now that is a good idea and It looks like it blends beautifully.
sandra de @14

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lol, only crafters will understand your panic! The purple ribbon looks great, as do all the bags - you'll still have purple fingers next Christmas, I reckon!
Hugs, LLJ 2 xxx

Inside the artists shed said...

Oh how I recognise the coloured fingers! Not good when you have to bleach them just before you go out. Anyway the bags look great and I'm sure will be appreciated. Happy stitching x Jackie 18

glitterandglue said...

Good morning, Chris. Thank you!!! Those bags are absolutely brilliant... the children are just so very thrilled to own one - something of their very own - not shared with anyone else, and a Bible inside. Sorry about the fingers, though - oops!! We are in all day today, although I have to pop to the shops tomorrow. If you arrive and there is no car, call John before you ring the bell. He'll come down for you then.
Thanks for the visit already. I linked then went and got John's meds going, so only just getting round to folk.
Trust the w/e away was a good time.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #5

Annie said...

Hi Chris....thanks for visiting me earlier. Well done you with the purple ribbon....looks fab as do your purple fingers. I love purple :-)
Hope you have a great week.
Annie x #9

Susanne said...

Those bags look great. It's been forever since I tried to dye ribbon, good for you for going the extra step. Have a good week. Susanne #29

Diana Taylor said...

The bags are fabulous and you've made so many too, you must be counting them in your sleep! That's a great idea about the ribbon, I often stain white ribbon, you can get the exactly colour you want then. I'm sure the bags will be greatly treasured by the children.
Hope you have a great week,
Diana #22

Neet said...

Isn't it wonderful what mistakes we crafters can manage to cover up? Great bags and a wonderful thought process to match up the ribbon - very clever thinking.
Hugs, Neet 3 xx

ToadilyDiane said...

the bags look great. What a super idea - alcohol inks and your white ribbon. Sorry about your fingers. There a fabulous scrub and soap that I got that works wonders getting the color off your hands...of course I don't remember what it's called so it's not as much help to you! LOL
Have a great day.
Diane - WOYWW #30

Unknown said...

Good morning Chris. Your bags look fantastic and it is trully sweet of you to take the time to make these for the children. Loving the purple fingers, I now have placed rubber gloves with my alcohol inks as I wasn't lucky to have purple fingers more so a brown yuck and had to leave for work with them stained. thanks for visiting me earlier and yes I do hope the planner keeps me more focus with tasks to do. Lol Have a fabulous week and happy national scrapbooking day. Hugs ~Anne L #8

Sharon said...

How long will that purple take to come out?

Love the bags. They are very nice. I bet the children will love them.

Have a great week
Sharon K #39

Inside the artists shed said...

Bless you Chris but I have been trying to email you but nothing happens when I click on your email link - could you please email me and I will get back to you

ToadilyDiane said...

Chris - thanks for stopping by and also telling me about Margaret. Tell her not to fret - I appreciate her visit. I sometimes can't comment on some blogs and I don't know why. I so appreciate you letting me know about her visit - tell her thanks!

Sue said...

Hi Chris, Fab bags for the school kids.

Did chuckle at your coloured fingers:) Fab idea though.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #12

PS... You are No.11, not 10

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Chris, the bags are great and will be well received I'm sure. Thanks for the visit o mine, have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 24

LisaDV said...

Your bags are great. I totally get the mess with alcohol ink and ribbon. Glad you got it cleaned up. Happy Wednesday, LisaDV 36

RosA said...

Ha ha, good idea! It worked perfectly and all those bags look great! Pity about your purple fingers :)
Thanks for dropping by earlier and for your lovely comment.

CraftygasheadZo said...

Fabulous makes. How kind of you. Take care Zo xx 35

Twiglet said...

Oh Chris - this made me giggle - I am just the same with dye. I always remember the rubber gloves afterwards!!! The bags are wonderful and will be so appreciated I am sure. x Jo

peggy aplSEEDS said...

Messy person, you make me feel at home!
Happy Woyww!

Annie Claxton said...

hehehehe love your story and can totally relate to it! stroke of genius to use alcohol inks to colour the ribbon though and the bag looks gorgeous :o) Annie C #26

Shoshi said...

I missed this one, Chris - love the bags, and well done rescuing the project even at the price of inky fingers! Think of them as a badge of honour! Thank you for your visit and your lovely comment. We were so relieved that Phoebe turned up again after we'd been thinking the worst!

Happy WOYWW even though you aren't showing your desk this week.
Shoshi #49