Friday, 7 February 2014

Random Post

Well didn't we, Margaret and I, have fun at the Machester Craft show yesterday? Free entry tickets through the post, so we just had to go, didn't we? Just as well something was free because this lot certainly wasn't and now have to find room to put it away.
Not the best photo, but in the foreground you can see some lovely stamps and chalks and embossing paste. On the left and right is some card, just love the dark red on the left, I suspect I will have problems using that as it is so beautiful I won't want to waste!!! Sad aren't I?
And at the back are some Sheena Douglas embossing folders, including the one that she used in the video doing her  Faux leather book cover. I will have lots of fun with that. To right at the back are a set of small ink pads, excellent for doing the edges of card and standing up on the left are two boxes of embelishments, a £1 each I just couldn't resist. There are about 50 pieces in each.
Lurking between the front and the back are masks, glues, storage pots and sewing thread to finish the bags I am making. We were amazed though, the show was Creative Stitches and Hobby craft and only two of the stalls were actually selling sewing thread and neither of them have much of a range.
On Wednesday I was sewing all those bags for Uganda, well I have finished eight of them, another four to make in very different fabric, when I made some important Birthday cards, but a close up of just one will show you why they use so much sewing thread.
The straps have to be reinforced with machine embroidered to give them strength as the bags may well be used throughout the childrens' time in senior school.
Well I'd better get back to putting things away, we have visitors coming tomorrow so I need downstairs tidy at least.



Eliza said...

Great collection of goodies you got from the show, I really like the butterflies on the left they look great to play with. Now I understand how you can go through so much thread. Pity there wasn't much sewing stuff at the show.

Hugs Eliza

BJ said...

Oh what a super pile of goodies, would love to get my hands on those - LOL. The bags are amazing and sorry I missed you on Wednesday, give me a brain I'd be dangerous, personally I blame it on the hormones - LOL - BJ

Claire said...

Lots and lots of goodies! Bet you had a great time :)
Happy WOYWW :)
no. 26