Friday, 22 March 2013

The best laid plans...................

Well the weather has altered our plans 
completely. Today hubby had an appointment at Hallamshire hospital in Sheffield, so we left home at 7.30 just as it was beginning to snow. We got 5 miles from home and it was clear that at 5 miles an hour on a single icy lane on A55 it would take us 24 hours to do what is normally a 2 hour journey, So we turned around at the first opportunity and came home. I'd made the effort to go out to get some answers from the docs in Sheffield, but once we got home, my cold floored me and I went back to bed. 
And as the weather promises to remain awful we have had to postpone our holiday until a) the weather is better and b) my cold is better, because I am not going to go and do locks, in the snow, feeling this grotty. Feel so rough I don't even want to make cards so I will just show you  a few I made a while back.

It is amazing how cards I thought were so special when I made them look so simple and unexciting when I look back at them, but I think these have stood the test of time.The one with the green ribbon was very hastily made for a friend when her husband died but I do think it is very effective and worth repeating in different colours,and the black and white one was just playing with dies and borders.


glitterandglue said...

Sorry you have had to postpone the holiday - maybe it will warm up soon, and you will be able to go then...of course, pigs might fly....
Love to you both.
Get better fast.

JD/ Jill said...

Your cards are lovely...sorry that your trip had to be postponed...hope you are feeling better soon.

Mrs.D said...

Thanks both, I am feeling a lot better thanks, and God willing, we are going tomorrow. No snow apparently where the boat is so shouldn't have to pretend it is an ice breaker.