Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Well what a busy week.

I finshed the pile of UFOs, they are now beautiful FOs and then I as I said last week i had to organise the cling stamps. What a mammoth task, this was taken on day three, day one they were everywhere including the floor.
The object of the exercise was to put them all neatly into a ring binder so I could see at a glance what I had and they were easily accessible.

I couldn't get the wooden stamps in the folder but I now know exactly what I possess in the way of wooden stamps.

Then I organised the clear ones into types
and fixed them in the multi-punched pockets. and in the folder.

Then I had to move them all to a lever arch file because the ring binder wasn't big enough and now I have to find room for the file. But it can't replace the drawer  that the stamps used to be in, because that still has acrylic blocks and a set of peg stamps and baby wipes in it. But the job is done,now I have to start using stamps more.

So what's on my worktop today? A folder with no home, and Oh yes, some more UFOs. Looking for something in the cupboard I found more cards waiting to be finished!
I start making them on a Thurday at the club I go to and then don't have the right bits to finish them, like the blue one on the left. Having got that far, it needs a ribbon or a sentiment or something more and I don't have anything the right pinky mauve, so it will probably be pushed to the left until I have more inspiration.

Blessing to you all,
Happy Woyww


Helen said...

wow what a mammoth operation that must have been - but well done you!! Happy WOYWW Helen 21

Anonymous said...

Well done and what a great idea! You've inspired me to do something similar with mine now as I never know what I have - thankyou :)

Dawn #42

Unknown said...

love that nice long work table.. space is everything. And all those stamps.. ummm wounder what all kind of goodies you have in there. lol Thanks for sharing.
Roberta 55

Sandy said...

Look at all your wonderful FO's Well done.. Love all your organised clear stamps there great idea..
Sandy :) #71

Karen said...

I love the gorgeous red flowers - are they a stamp or die cut? So beautiful...! Happy WOYWW! ♥ Karen ♥ 79 x

Mrs.D said...

Hi Karen
The red flowers are die cut using Spellbinders Poppies and Aster
They were cut out of several layers of fine tissue paper.
Now I am struggling to find a paper of the right colour to put inside the card, it is a twisted easel, so needs an inner layer, and of course I don't have anything suitable.
Happy Woyww

ike said...

Oh that's cool - I got a folder with all my stamps printed into it but they are physically dumped into a box, but at least I'm half organised right ?!!! LoL


IKE xxx #99

Mrs.D said...

Hi Ike,
I have all the wooden stamps just dumped in the box, but I thought I really want access to the clear ones, otherwise they won't get used.
Took a bit of time, but al done now.
Thanks for visiting.

Unknown said...

Would you now like to come round and do that with my stamps? I dont have as many as you, but rarely use them these days as its too much hassle to try find them - cant even remember what is there now. A very good job done I would say, sure you will find a ledge somewhere for that folder.

Lynda #89

ria gall said...

Hi Chris
you have done an amazing job on indexing your stamps. I am part way through doing mine and then it got pushed aside so I am thinking about getting on with it again.
Loving the cards on your desk
Have a good WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
Hugs Ria #43

Mrs.D said...

Hi Lynda, I'd love to but I am not sure you are in easy reach of North Wales.
Have now found a space for them by just shoving a few bits along in the cupboard and having put the baby wipes and other bits in the drawer there is now room for the folder.
Thanks for visiting.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Gosh, those cards are gorgeous!! I love them all but particularly the red flower silhouette one....that's very elegant! Thanks for dropping by my blog, it's much appreciated.
Hugs, LLJ 60 xxx

Mrs.D said...

Thanks Jan. Hope you had a good day out.

glitterandglue said...

Just when exactly did we visit and you told us this was what you needed/wanted to do??? Only Friday!!! Well done for really cracking on with it. Great day out, thanks. Lovely meal with Joy and family + Dunc's parents. Took 2 1/2 hours to eat lunch!!! Going into Llandudno tomorrow for the shopping for Friday's buffet - will go into Staples for you. See you Friday evening.

Mrs.D said...

Hi, glad you had a really good day out. Was really only Friday that I said I was going to do it, I suppose it must have been. Thanks for going to Staples for me, I never seem to get anywhere to do any shopping these days.
I think there will only be one of us on Friday, himself has worn himself out this week.

VonnyK said...

My goodness you have a lot of stamps, my daughter would go nuts if she saw them. Clever idea to stamp on paper too. Those cards are gorgeous as they are. It's amazing what you find in cupboards when you're not looking for them.
Have a great week.
Von #13

The Taming of the Glue said...

I wish I'd been more organised with my stamps but I think it's far too late now! How great that you have a craft club to go to. I love the UF blue one. Hugs. Pam#33

Mrs.D said...

Pam, Thanks for visiting, it is never too late. Just take everything out and organise into themes, sentiments, Christmas, children etc and if you stick them back in the drawer separately like that, that is a step in the right direction.
Our craft club is very good, no specific teaching but if someone is doing something different, they are always willing to share skills and answer questions.
The blue UFO is going to stay like that for quite a while I think, I just don't have anything else to put on it that is the right colour. The blue has mauvy shades in it so just blue doesn't look right and I don't have anything the right mauvy colour or something the same pink as the flowers on the squares.
Ah well, it will probably be piled up on the left while I start on Christmas cards.
Have a good week,