Saturday, 9 March 2013


Why do computer software nerds always want to update and change stuff. I only wanted to edit a picture I had taken before uploading it to here. As always I opened Picasa to edit it and not being able to do all I wanted I tried to upload to Picnik for further editing. That wonderful programme Picnik has been gobbled up by Google and apparently I can edit my pictures in Google+ but they don't speak English on Google+ but Jargonese or just plain rubbish. I have been round and round the help menus trying to work out how I upload my picture, just to dampened down the fact that my kind hubby took the picture with the flash on so the silver peel off is very reflective. However no matter how I try to follow Google's information I come unstuck when I says 'Open the light box, and use the navigation tools to.....'  and its explanation of what the light box is, makes absolutely no sense at all. 
The reason I have a picture taken by hubby with the flash on is also down to technical problems. 
It all started on Thursday evening when I rang a friend to ask if I could pop in on Friday to give her some craft stuff. At that point I discovered that her hubby had been admitted to hospital as an emergency that day and was still in. I arranged to see her the next day and rummaged through my store of cards for a Get Well Soon card for him. Nothing there at all, so Friday morning saw me hastily creating one and I took a couple of photos of it and then delivered the card, had a lovely couple of hours with my friend, which included a trip to Craft shop in Llandudno, just to buy glue!!!! Well and a little bit more..£18 more!!!
I got home and connected my camera to the computer, no pictures. Just not there. So today we visited him in hospital and took pictures of the card, but it was too dark to take it without the flash.
I must give credit to Amy for the idea of joining bits of paper to make a back ground and then embossing it.
Anyway I must now go and cook pizza.


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah Chris the woes of frequent software changes - so know what you mean -- I do use Picasa but dont have Picnick so ant help you there- t still a love card here, and smiled at your expensive glue! thanks for sharing,

Would love you to pop across to my blog, please, as have a wee award over there for your blog - see this post here:

love Shaz in Oz.x

Mrs.D said...

Thanks Shaz for the award. I will try to work out how to forward the award to five others.

JD/ Jill said...

Nicely done card. so bright and cheerful. I am with you, with all this computer stuff. I am NOT computer literate at all. I'm very thankful that my husband knows a bit about computers and can usually give me a hand when I get stuck. smile...However, he does not have a blog, and is not on the internet that he can't help me there.
Thank you for the nice comments on my cards...and for giving me the award...