Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Morning all.
Last night I sat and surfed for about 20 minutes and found a brill idea on someone's blog. Oooohhh, I thought, I could use that idea myself. Not completely copy but put my twist on the idea, so this morning I thought I would find out where I had seen the idea so that when I made my version of her idea I could give her credit for the idea, only I can't find what I saw last night anywhere. Spent longer looking for it this morning that I did last night just browsing.
However, when I put up a couple of picture of what I have done, in a couple of days time, I can at least refer back to this and prove I tried. And when I post, if anyone thnnks they know who's idea it was they can let me know.
Must go an vacuum the stairs now, before I dare start crafting or the divorce courts might get mentioned!!!

Just before I go, I thought I would upload the card I have made for my grandson who will be in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical later this month.
I think it is a bit busy, but it needs to be posted today so can't change it now.


Sarn said...

I tried leaving you a comment earlier . . .but Blogger was playing up!

I really like this kid's card - kinda scrapbooky - you might have started a trend here!

You asked about the punch I was using . . . it's called 'Modern Label' by Stampin' Up!. You can find a local SU demonstrator by going to HERE!

Mrs.D said...

Thanks Sandra. That was a dangerous move I made there. I went to the stamping up catalogue and the stamps are absolutely wonderful. Problem is I have so many stamps and rarely use them because I am rubbish at stamping but still get tempted. I found all the punches too, unfortunately, or fortunately for my bamk account, the nearest demonstrator is 40 to 50 miles away so I won't be able to get to anything soon as we are away from next weekend for several weeks. Will think about it when I get home.

Sarn said...

Doesn't matter on the distance really . . . whoever you choose as your demonstrator will post your order direct to you by UPS Courier for a flat rate of £4.95. Sometimes it's easier to have a local demonstrator so you can see the products in real life and try before you buy at one of their parties.

Enjoy your lovely long trip away. xxx

Katie said...

*sings* I've got a golden ticket! He's going to love that card!

Happy WOYWW!

Katie 125

Mrs.D said...

Thanks, it is just a shame we are not able to see him on his birthday or his performance in Charlie. We'd booked a holiday before we knew he was doing Charlie, and they are in London on his birthday so no point in travelling 120 miles to where he lives if he is not there.